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Bridge Loan Solution for Time-Sensitive Park Home Purchase

£70k Yeovil

Often, a bridge loan is the best way to organise finance quickly if a deadline is to be met. This was the case here, with our clients needing to beat out the competition in order to purchase their dream park home.

The Scenario

Our clients first contacted us seeking a bridge loan for the purposes of getting their offer through on the park home they had set their sights on. The scenario was this:

  • They currently owned a residential property in Yeovil, which was later valued at £240k. This was to be their security when it came to the bridge loan. 
  • They had recognised that in order to beat out the competition successfully, they would need to look to alternative means of raising capital, as awaiting a sale for their current property would take far too long.
  • They had everything they needed in place in order to apply for a bridge loan – the exit strategy, and means of repaying the loan would naturally come from the eventual sale of their original property. 
  • However, they needed our help in securing finance and guiding them through the entire process, and, most importantly, making sure they got a suitable lender offering favourable rates. 

There were, of course, a number of issues to overcome if they were to be successful. Hence why they came to us for help. 

The main concerns were:

  • The time pressure – they only had so much time before the competition beat them to it. Our clients would have to have a bridge secure within 6 weeks
  • The loan size – the loan amount they were looking for was £70k, which could be challenging when it came to finding a lender willing to facilitate this.
  • Their security – there was a uniqueness to the property that would require an alternative valuation method. This could potentially cause delays or issues during the process. 

With all this considered, we set about helping our clients get the solution they needed to not miss out on their dream property. 

The Solution

First, we found an appropriate lender and one willing to facilitate the unique valuation method – AVM (Automated Valuation Model) which was based on estimations of the property value with considerations to the current market.  

Once their property was valued by the lender, they could then use it as security for the bridge loan they needed. From this lender, we organised a bridge loan of £70k for our clients which was to last a 12-month term, coming at a favourable rate of 0.43% interest monthly. 

The largest worry, getting the bridge loan on time, was no concern for our clients after we managed to complete the process for them within a month. This allowed them to beat the competition, purchase their dream home, and have the funds to hand when it came to repayment through the sale of their residential property in Yeovil.

With their concerns dealt with, our clients were thankful they came to us when they needed to organise finance quickly. As without a bridge loan, they were originally at risk of losing out to the competition. 

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