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Buying a Neighbouring House with a Bridge Loan

£1.325M Bristol

In this real-life success story, we share how a couple in Bristol turned their dream of buying the house next door into reality, thanks to a timely bridging loan solution. Facing a tight deadline and unique circumstances, they found a way to secure their new home swiftly and efficiently. Discover how Bridging Loans Direct made it happen.

The Scenario

Our clients, residents of Bristol, had a golden opportunity - to acquire the neighbouring house, a dream they had nurtured for a while. The catch? They were relying on the sale of their business to fund this venture. Unfortunately, the sale was facing delays, putting their dream at risk. 

They had just six weeks to secure the new property, or the seller would relist it. Traditional mortgage options wouldn't fit their timeline, and since they planned to refinance once their business sold, a long-term loan was not the right choice. With their new home valued at £1.2 million, they needed a substantial amount quickly. A bridging loan was their lifeline, ensuring they didn't miss out on this incredible property.

The Solution

At Bridging Loans Direct, we leverage our extensive lender network to find tailored solutions for our clients. In this case, we identified the perfect bridging loan lender - one capable of acting swiftly for this loan size and accommodating our client's unique exit strategy, which relied on the sale of their current home as a backup plan. 

We streamlined the application process, and from offer to completion, it took just 19 days, with the entire journey spanning 41 days. Our clients secured a net loan of £1.325 million for a 9-month term, with interest rolled into the loan throughout.

Why This Matters 

This success story underscores our ability to grasp the nuances of our clients' individual circumstances and deliver prompt and effective financial solutions, even under tight time constraints. Our experienced team at Bridging Loans Direct understands that opportunities like these can't wait, and we're here to help you seize them.

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