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Complex Development Project Secured with a Fast Bridging Loan

£1M Gloucester

Our clients approached us in a state of urgency. Their original lender's financing for their substantial investment property, a sprawling detached manor house, was nearing its expiration date, putting their property at risk of repossession.

The Scenario

Originally, this property served as a commercial asset. However, our clients had successfully obtained a change of use to residential and secured planning permission for a self-build plot on the same title. With these changes, the property's value had increased and was now considered a residential asset. Our clients sought to refinance to raise capital for interior renovations, requiring a bridging loan of £1 million for this purpose.

But here were the challenges they faced:

  • Their existing lender showed no interest in extending their current finance or negotiating new terms.
  • Time was of the essence, with a pressing deadline of just one month. This timeframe was made more challenging by the need for a full valuation and quantity surveyor visit.
  • In addition to the £1 million, they required a £300,000 drawdown facility for works in arrears, demanding flexibility from the lender.
  • The new valuation needed to include the land with planning permission on the same title, which most lenders hesitated to consider—preferring only to value the existing structure.
  • While the property had transitioned from commercial to residential use, it still retained elements of its commercial past, notably the absence of bedrooms.

The Solution

Our primary challenge was finding a lender willing and able to meet our client's complex needs.

Leveraging our strong relationship with a lender known for its flexibility in valuation terms, we secured a commitment from them. This lender agreed to include the property itself, the self-build plot value, and the land in their valuation.

With our experienced broker at the helm, we navigated this complex landscape, ensuring that all requirements were met within the tight timeframe. Ultimately, we secured a fast bridging loan of £1 million with the crucial £300,000 drawdown facility.

Key Loan Details

Interest Rate: 0.89% per month

Loan Term: 12 months

Retained Interest: Our clients paid the interest upfront, eliminating the need to set aside additional funds for it. This allowed them to focus entirely on funding their development.


Despite the initial complexities and challenges associated with facilitating this bridge loan, we successfully completed the entire process in just 37 calendar days.

The linchpin of this successful case was undoubtedly our dedicated broker, Sam Baker, who demonstrated an unwavering commitment to seeing this deal through. His industry knowledge and ability to approach the right lenders, even in complex scenarios like this one, proved invaluable.

Sam was a constant presence, liaising daily with the surveyor, solicitor, valuer, lender, and our clients, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

This type of intricate deal simply wouldn't have been possible without the expertise of an experienced broker. At Bridging Loans Direct, we take pride in our ability to secure financing solutions for even the most challenging scenarios. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we invite you to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to provide a holistic assessment of your needs and tailor the right finance solution for you.

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