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Reviving a Lavish Spanish Villa with a Refurbishment Bridging Loan at €1.5M

€1.5M Marbella, Spain

A €1.5M Villa Renovation Triumph in Marbella. When dreams of refurbishing a luxury villa met the challenge of complex international financing, Bridging Loans Direct was the guiding force from start to finish.

The Scenario

In the world of property finance, speed and flexibility are highly sought after. However, when circumstances become intricate, achieving your goals can seem like an uphill battle. Our recent mission involved a substantial international bridging loan for two contemporary villas nestled in Marbella, Spain.

Our clients were in possession of two stunning properties: one ready for market, and the other undergoing refurbishment. Their objectives were crystal clear – swiftly paying off the mortgage on one villa and completing the refurbishment of the other to maximize its selling potential.

While this might seem like a straightforward task, securing €1.5 million in funding posed a challenge. It was close to the maximum limit for many international bridging loan companies, and the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) pushed the boundaries for an international case.

We needed a lender willing to:

  • Provide financing at this substantial level.
  • Work with an overseas company.
  • Secure the loan against Spanish property.
  • Offer flexible repayment terms tailored to our client's plans to sell the properties after the refurbishment.

The Solution

Our expert broker embarked on a quest to identify lenders capable of accommodating this unique scenario. They partnered with a lender boasting a European clientele, securing an offer that met our clients' financial needs while maintaining a competitive interest rate.

The entire process, from application to offer, was completed in under a month. Without access to this innovative solution, our clients might have faced delays in their property plans, either waiting for the first villa to sell or rushing to sell the second property without maximizing its value through refurbishment.

This success story exemplifies how bridging finance can accelerate property transactions and provide the flexibility needed in an otherwise sluggish market with prolonged sales processes.

In conclusion, at Bridging Loans Direct, we don't just secure loans; we craft solutions that empower our clients to achieve their property dreams, even in the most challenging situations. If you're seeking a tailored financial solution like this one, reach out to our dedicated team, and let's make your property ambitions a reality.

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